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My Beloved Senpai

Moondancer REALLY loves Twilight Sparkle!~

Fillyfuck Fiestia

Yes it’s the ol’ classic “choose any combination of your favorite cartoon horse girls and watch them hump” routine. Complete with alternate hairstyles, crotchboobs, clit-winking, and plenty of other options and interactivity to choose...

Royally Screwed

Twi visits the Princesses…

The To-Do-List [Chapter 1]

Ever wondered what would happen if you mixed MLP and Gravity Falls? Well I’m glad you asked!

Apocalypse Ponies

Just a few pieces by Dimwitdog! And no we aren’t talking about the Robot Chicken short

Library Inauguration

Twi needed her brother’s help in the new Library. She didn’t specify with what exactly, though…

Night Mares 4

Twilight’s still possessed, next up is Rainbow Dash and Applejack!