Category: Comics

For those of you that like a little bit of a story with your porn. Comics are any and all content that has a storyline/progression or considerable dialogue or is of a panel format.


Magic Touch

Lyra’s hand magic is really really useful!


Backstage Pass

Getting to meet your favorite band isn’t going to be easy, is it Flutters?

My Beloved Senpai

Moondancer REALLY loves Twilight Sparkle!~


Sister X Sister

Luna eats some… Special Chocolates.


Kanashiipanda’s Cummics 2016

Kanashiipanda’s comics make you go from “WTF is this fetish” to “this is my new fetish” in 16 easy steps!


Kanashiipanda’s Cummics 2015

Kanashiipanda is an amazing videomaker gone clop artist. He makes really nice comics every so often, here are the ones he made in 2015! I will be posting a 2016 version of this soon!