Playpony 3

Issue 3 of the Playpony Magazine Series! With 20% more Daring Do sexyness this time! Lots of comics and even more pinups, ALL NSFW!~

Home is where the Pie is

Pinkie needs to help Mr. Donut feel better after getting him fired. What better way than starting his day off with a blowjob… and more!

Pink It Up A Notch

Pinkie failed one of her tests! How will she convince Mr. Donut to give her a better grade?

Pony ★ Academy [3]

Chapter 2: Smile, Smile, Smile~ The saga continues!

Double the Fun

Twi found an interesting new book that she needs Spike’s help to… review.

A Different Sort of Pet

The CMC find themselves in Fluttershy’s cottage… and they found her most playful pet yet!

Back to School!

Ahh school, the perfect time for short skirts and indiscriminate sex with whomever you please! The main six has the right idea!~

Flustering Flutters

Fluttershy is now your plaything! Have a fun little interactive picture/game thing! Done by Carnifex!

MysticAlpha’s Power Ponies Pack

I was totally unwaare that MysticAlpha did NSFW art up until I found this. Nevertheless, enjoy! (view on imgur) icon-download Download (7.4MB)


Two stories in one comic! Rarity is a top candidate to be Blueblood’s bride, she just has to pass one final test. Twilight needs to get a special flower for spike and the flower’s...

Cutey Confidential 2015 – The Complete Edition

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