Canter Calendar 2014

Doxy along with the following artists have come together to make this glorious masterpiece:

  • Poporito
  • Ehryel
  • Maniac Paint
  • Brekkist
  • MegaSweet
  • GashiGashi
  • Polarity Plus
  • Nasoshi
  • Atryl
  • Sui
  • Shepherd

It contains 14 pages per calendar and has TWO calendars! A humanized and an anthropomorphized version! (And some sexy NSFW pictures too!)
Have a look at the pictures themselves!


If you wish to download either of the image sets, follow the link back to imgur and download it there using the “Download Album” option!

The full download contains the following CC14 Special Pack:
High Resolution Digital Edition
Widescreen Wallpaper
Stream Recordings – Layered PSD\SAI Files
Sketches, Workfiles from various artists
Dakimakura Art
Poster Art
Modified Sexy Versions


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