Tagged: Twilight Sparkle

Foul Sorcery

An animation by Mittsies, Emma and HoiHoi! Princess Celestia stuffs Twilight Sparkles pulsating puffy plump pony pussy! Warning: extremely detailed horse genetalia!

Snow Date

Snow Date contains 6 pinup scenes, each with various edits such as Clothed, Nude, and Futa. 

Night Mares 2

Twilight is possessed, and next up is Rarity!

Pony ★ Academy [2]

Chapter 2: Magic Lessons. The saga continues!

Socks Folio

They’re warm and oh so fashionable! Who doesn’t like socks?! The mane six clearly loves them! Art done by rainbowscreen.

The Mane Course

6 base images of your favourite hometown heroes with a ton of edits! SFW, Futa, Herm, Ahegao and a heaping amount of cum variations!

Dragon You Over

This comic by Kitsune Youkai starts off a bit weird but gets pretty good! Enjoy! It’s like a fanfic!

Night Mares 1

Books are pretty awesome, right Twi?! Have fun with this comic by Slypon!

Xtra Xredit

Have a small comic from Doxy!

Pillow Talk

Bluntwiskey may be gone but her art remains! Have some!~

Pony ★ Academy [1]

What would it be like if Twilight Sparkle was set in a school similar to Hogwarts? How about if Rainbow Dash wash her roommate? Lets find out!