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Flurty Futa

Fluttershy, you’ve been dressing like a slut, and there’s no hiding that massive cock.


Fluttershy’s been dressing rather… Inappropriately as of late.

Three Curious Ponies

Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle invite Rainbow Dash for a certain party. BSDM and lesbian action ensues! Futa as well!

Night Mares 3

Who’s next on Twilight’s list of booty calls? Fluttershy!

Back to School!

Ahh school, the perfect time for short skirts and indiscriminate sex with whomever you please! The main six has the right idea!~

Flustering Flutters

Fluttershy is now your plaything! Have a fun little interactive picture/game thing! Done by Carnifex!

The Usual 3

AJ’s got to find a way to pay off her debt!

Sleepy Ponies

yawn Good morning! mumble mumble I’m going back to bed, have some ponies who are just as sleepy as I am…

Snow Date

Snow Date contains 6 pinup scenes, each with various edits such as Clothed, Nude, and Futa. 

Socks Folio

They’re warm and oh so fashionable! Who doesn’t like socks?! The mane six clearly loves them! Art done by rainbowscreen.