Lyra and her Toy

Lyra likes humans… Quite a lot! Animation based on this picture by RatofDawn. Animation by hpot.

Muffin Thief

Have a comic by Street Scootaloo!~

Pony Tails Deluxe

Ponytails is a digital art pack filled to the brim with your favorite ponies doing the dirty in various job-themed scenarios.

Also Rarity

I usually don’t feature Palcomix’s “art”, but lets see what you all think of some Spike X CMC X AJ X Rarity!

Pinkie’s Dingdong

This is a pretty nice Pinkie X Rainbow Dash Comic by syoeeb

Night Mares 1

Books are pretty awesome, right Twi?! Have fun with this comic by Slypon!

Spring into Summer

Summers getting hot! Dimwitdog’s art pack is going to make it just a bit hotter!

Saddle Up! Deluxe

Saddle Up! is a collaborative pony porn art pack, featuring solely gay content!

Playpony 2

Analogue to the Playpony summer edition, we will again feature four different characters for solo pinups along with a bunch of other things!

Playpony 1

Packed with exclusive artwork from Hikxie, Hobbes_Maxwell, CobaltSnow, Callisto, Atryl, RatofDrawn and Leyanor!

The Beat Goes On

Glad to see fearingfun has decided to make less emotionally-scaring art! See what happens when Vinyl finishes her set and wants to give Octy a private backstage show~