Futa Twilight x Fleshlight

The sound of thumping music and ponies partying could be heard emanating throughout the library, just loud enough to lessen the pleasured moans that filled the bedroom. Twilight had been partying all evening and needed to relieve some stress.  She’d been looking forward to using her new toy all night and finally managed to sneak out to blow off some steam. 
Twilight sunk in to the comfort of her bed and spread her legs wide as she began to play with her balls using her magic, allowing herself to slowly erect in clear view, fully exposed. A warm tingling sensation ran up and down her throbbing shaft, which only intensified when she pressed the warm fleshlight on the head of her twitching member. She slid it up and down her cock, using her magic to guide it as she probed in hard and fast. The feeling, it was so perfect, so absolutely incredible. 
The hole was just the right amount of tightness and heat. The pleasure seemed to intensify with each thrust, it tightened and sucked her in deeper. Her tongue hung from her mouth, she panted and moaned, spurting pre from her massive, veiny dick. She was close now, very close; she could feel herself nearing climax, spurred on by the noisy shlicks and squelches. With one final thrust she gasped as overwhelming pleasure ran through her body. Ropes of hot seed streamed from her throbbing member, her twitching balls emptied themselves as she pumped in and out. 
The bedroom now filled with the hot, humid sex in the air, Twilight lifted the fleshlight off revealing her cum-slickened cock. She laid there panting in her glow, cum drooling down her dick as it stood there carelessly and slowly softened.

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