Drawfiend 1

Posts of 28th May to 4th of Jun!
Hello one and all! Welcome to our first official weekly Drawfiend! Inspired by the original EQAD!
Let me know what you think of this and how it can be improved! I really would like your feedback in the comments!~
I will be sure to do this every Saturday, so look out for that!
Thank you to Derpibooru for being our kind hosts for this project!
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10 – Selenophile

Source (ofcourseitwasalreadytaken.tumblr.com)

9 – Alcor

Source (alcor-nsfw.tumblr.com)

8 – Lumineko

Source (lumineko.com)

7 – Whydomenhavenipples

Source (inkbunny.net)

6 – Lumineko

Source (inkbunny.net)

5 – Fearingfun

Source (boards.4chan.org)

4 – Replica

Source (stable86.tumblr.com)

3 – Northernsprint

Source (derpibooru.org)

2 – Thebatfang

Source (thebatfangnsfw.tumblr.com)

1 – Arctic-fox

Source (derpibooru.org)

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