Bitz’s Top 10 Favorites


Power through Flutters!

Glory holes are great! And what’s even better is Flutter’s trying (and failing) to use one. Everything is wonderful about this one.

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Facefucking yourself, into ecstasy~

Alright, gather around kids. (I really hope there aren’t any kids here though.) Zonkpunch is possibly one of the best animator out there right now (tied with Mittsies). This is amazingly done. The animation is smooth, the art itself is outstanding, and most of all, it’s autofelatio, my biggest weakness~.

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Nice, effective gear, right?

After 100s of hours of grinding, Luna finally managed to net herself enough gold to get the best gear she could. But alas, video game logic prevails in Equestria, making sure next to nothing is properly covered. Video game designers and pony-butt enthusiasts around the world, rejoice!

Seriously though, Atrl is possibly my favourite artist out there, so go support him on Patreon. I want more Luna!

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I also did some wallpapers of this one:

NSFW | SFW-ish? | Futa 

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