Bitz’s Top 10 Favorites


Nothing like a face full of cock <3

I think blowjobs are really hot, so without a doubt you were going to see some in this list. I chose this one because of hot being facefucked is.

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Seducing your mentor?! HOT!

Alright, this one is a bit complicated. I really like this one because of the idea behind it more so that just the picture. (The piece is amazing nonetheless.)
Think about it from Twilight’s perspective. She’s seducing the most powerful Alicorn in her world; a pony she always looked up to and respected. To see Tia beg and whimper, powerless to her will must be the biggest turn-on for Twi here. I’m sure there are lot’s of fanfics out there about this, but this picutre is very well drawn and captures their emotions really well.

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