Bitz’s Top 10 Favorites

So I was asked some time ago to list my favorite clop.

This is my personal list and doesn’t really reflect what is “the best of the best”. I am only going to list single pieces of art, no packs or comics. Some of the art still does belong to packs so I’ll link the full packs where I can. I avoided comics because comics are always hot given the context. I’ll probably do a separate list for comics if you guys like this. (Let me know in the comments!)

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Who's next? :3

For some reason, I find public use sexy, and even sexier than that is a creampie! Pinkies got it all in this picture! You better get in line!

Artist | Source


Bumble butt!~

There’s just something about the way her butt jiggles I find incredibly sexy. Plus, that’s a nice candyvag too!

Artist | Source

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