Banned from Equestria 1.5

Finally, pokehidden’s back after two years and he’s doubled the size of his flash game!~

Flash by Pokehidden.

 icon-download Download/Fullscreen  (21.1MB)

(Right click button and select “Save link as…”)

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    • Otaku Lord

      It’s actually possible to get the 50 bits for the train ticket without doing applejack’s minigame, you just have to fly over the boulder as a pegasus and click at the base of the tree.

    • Thissiteiscancer

      This is fucking autistic

      • Well, you came here expecting what exactly? Lmao.

        • ANewTrixieBrony

          ABSOLUTE SHIT, BITZ! EVEN IN THIS SITE MLP IS GOOD, DAMN IT!!! Forget the mane six. get Trixie!!!

    • Nuke

      How do you get Luna in battle I keep losing.

    • MommySavemeh

      TRIXIE WHY?!?! I Was going to fuck rarity..

      • ANewTrixieBrony


      • ANewTrixieBrony

        I might as well fuck her…

    • MommySavemeh

      Trixie.. (づ。◕3◕。)づ Why…

    • Dkfoda

      I can not make money

    • seals